Thursday, 1 October 2009

brain farts...

Hello. Yes I wrote that yesterday, but posted it today – I got distracted with things and forgot. Mnmnf.

Have lots of energy today which is good. Went training last night, which absolutely killed me, but I enjoyed in the end. Achey pops today, and my back is very unhappy. Did more back exercises last night before I trained, and did some stretches. Good.

Walking the hound of death tonight with mumsie, then having tea cooked for my by my beautiful boy….im getting nervous again. the ‘writing at home’ seems to have stopped now, and moved itself into the studio on a daily basis. Plus a random man has been ‘jamming’ with them and recording stuff. I am pleased, and I really really want things to go massive, cos he deserves it, but there’s always that niggling in the back of my mind that knows he’s going away again. I am prepared for this, mostly, afterall we have a lifetime together. Its worth enduring some away time for….plus it will give me some time to tidy the house….yeah right!

La la laaaa

Im looking forward to decorating on Monday, although I didn’t get any further with the prep work last night due to training, and wont again tonight due to dogwalking/cleaning (need to have a whip round before V appears tomorrow)/tea at wonderful mr’s house. I think the majority of the prep work is going to get done on Sunday whilst daddykins is tiling. Off to grans on sat – she’s getting lonely.

Ok see ya bye

...miss me?

Its been a while, and shit has happened. Bad stuff, that I can’t deal with. So im not going to go into it.

In light of shitty things happening, I have slipped into a bit of a rut. Ive been discharged from the physio on the basis that I keep up with it, and manage it – given recent events, this has gone completely out of the window, and my back is crippling me. I did do some of my back exercises last night and it made me realise just how far behind this has set me. I will have to start over and build my strength up again. I am not looking forward to this as I know how much of a physical and emotional challenge it was the 1st time (plus my emotions are not what I would call controlled at the moment…). Frustrating.

Sewing has also taken a back seat. I spent months researching tutorials, and had an ever growing list of things I wanted to make and try. Although this has not materialised (hehe), the passion is still there, and the fabric I bought before the many crappy things began. So this is very salvageable, and will be waiting for me when I find a gap to spend some time on it.

The main thing I am clinging to at the moment is decorating my house. Ive booked next week of work to do this. Ive already bought oodles of paint (and have had it for months…), and am nearly ready to go. I just have to prep the walls, and, after pulling the silly rail of the walls some time ago, this will not be the easiest of jobs. But I am determined to do it, and do it well. Oh, and prime the masses of wood which seems to be EVERYWHERE throughout the house. I have one (and a half) coat(s) on the banister, which has been a complete twat, but getting there. I also now have the tiles ready to finish my beautiful kitchen, and my pops is coming to start it on Saturday. The colour looks fabulous, and matches perfectly. Ill have to show you some photos as things progress.

Im hoping one I have the decorating out of the way that it might blow a few cobwebs out, and make me feel a bit better. Then all I will have to concentrate on is cleaning the house, and it may even free a bit of time up for my sewing-capades…

Anyhoo. To help me more than anything, I need to make a list of things I have to do. Im also thinking of logging my exercises with you, then you can tell me off if I don’t do it…looking into the face of silence, and hearing nothing back. I am my own worst judge, and no one can bollock me like me. So lets keep it between us, and hope I pull through.

1. Prep the walls
2. Prime the wood
3. Paint the ceiling
4. Paint the walls
5. Gloss (this will half kill me, but I might also be high off the fumes, so might not notice)
6. Book a dentist appointment (ive been putting this off, not on purpose, but not actively doing anything about it, as if an appointment it just going to book itself)
7. Empty the draws in the living room (where all my ‘new’ paperwork lives, like letters from the bank etc. I say new, but I only empty it about one a year (if that), so it needs doing)
8. EXERCISE – this is probably on everyone’s list, but for me its not a case of looks, its mobility, and leading a semi-normal life. This should really be at the top of the list, as it will affect everything else, but these are being listed as they are being dragged from my brain.
9. Ooh book an appointment with my GO – completely forgot about this. My Physio told me to see my GP and get myself referred to a podiatrist. Says they might be able to help also.
10. I don’t really know what number 10 is, but I felt wrong to stop at 9.

Ive got better with cooking – instead of buying loads of sauces etc, ive been making my own. Exceptions: Chinese and curry. That will never happen. Ive been making chicken pies (well one pie, but aim to make another this week – more of a roll than a pie really, but should be nice), and cheese sauces – addicted to rouxs basically. They are so cheap and easy to make, and a pan full of pasta will save for work lunches too. Bonus.

Ive also been successful with some seeds. Ive started growing some lettuces and herbs. They are doing well, but don’t look like anything recognisable yet.

DAILY STUFF: (this is just for me…)29 Sep 09
Just ball exercises; 15 mins approx (I don’t know how many that is…)
Back is still very sore, and doing the exercises felt weird, but it think that’s because its been such a long time. Felt more positive this morning tho, and slightly more stable. Placebo? Possibly mentally made me feel better as I knew I had done something, but time will tell. Hurts now – don’t think my work chair is particularly supportive…

ok, bye x

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

apron-tastic...with ruffles!!

...stashy stashy.

Found a pretty apron tutorial, HERE....for future reference. xx

Ode to my beautiful boy.

Erm hello.

Did everyone have a good weekend? Mine was a little hectic, but mostly good.

My man was an absolute gem this weekend – no massive declarations or sweeping romantic gestures, but it’s the little things that I really appreciate.
To name a few:
1. he cooked me tea, let me watch Gok’s fashion fix, and then ran me a bubbly bath for when it finished on Friday night.
2. he took me to get some parts for Jeff (my wonderful car) first thing Saturday morning, then came to visit my grandparents with me (they’ve never met him before as they live a bit of a trek away).
3. he cooked tea again.
4. he dropped me off and picked me up from my friends house Saturday night/Sunday morning, despite me being rancid and hungover, and generally mutating, and dog sat all Saturday night despite having the lads over for a few bevvies
5. He also offered to go to the pet shop on Sunday so that I could get some extra sleep in light of the hangover (i didn’t take advantage of that, I went too – he still drove).
6. …another yummy tea.
And today, he is collecting the parts for Jeffery, and will be fixing them on for me.

As much as I have suffered for past relationships (as have most people), I think its those bad/hurtful experiences that make you much more aware, and appreciative when someone comes along that genuinely cares for you, and you see it everyday in everything they do.

So I guess I just wanted to say thanks babe – he will never read this, but I think he knows already xx

Friday, 15 May 2009

Happy Tutorial of the Week...


I saw this tutorial for a pretty cork board. i might make something like this for my kitchen. I always seem to have a stack of things to do, and shopping lists, and this could be a useful addition in some pretty fabric...hmmm *ponders to ones self*. anyway, heres the link.

how do people feel about fat quarter bundles?? they seems to be a treasure trove of beautiful coordinating fabric, but to my slightly confused brain, they also seem quite expensive. Is it just me being retarded, or are they really a good thing to try? opinions welcome.

im feeling a little 'meh' today, not sure what it is. i did, however, order my lino yesterday, which is very exciting. if anyone is intersted, its from the Domo range, and its called Barcelona - its a staggered rectangular tile effect in a fudgy brown colour. it will pull the kitchen and conservatory together nicely, i hope! it better so for the bloody money!! but theren no point falking out for a beautiful new kichen, and spoiling the look by getting a floor that im not particularly fussed for. the colour of this one will compliment the white units, as well as the proposed tile colour. it also looks beautiful with the dark wood of the conservatory. im looking forward to it being fitted - just need to get the skirting boards and door painted 1st so i dont drip on it!

i think i need a little R&R curled up with my man. ive missed him. xx

Thursday, 14 May 2009

For Charity


My slightly retarded friend is cycling a rediculously long way, and i have no logical idea as to why, other than raising some sheets for Oxfam. so, in light of this, i would like to make you all aware of his challenge, and the link to contribute to his efforts should you fancy helping out. it goes without saying that even the smallest contribution can make a massive difference to someones life, so if you can spare it, then do it.

thanks in advance xx

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Linky Pops.

dont be alarmed, im stashing links again for myself as my own retarded mind cannot keep up with my cratively inspired brain....*sigh*

fabulous blog concentrating on hand made aprons, which i do want to make - i like the vintages ones the bestest...*stashed!*


Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Questions presented to me today...

1. Are zebras white with black stripes or black with white stripes?

2. Which came first – oranges or the colour orange – were orange items named ‘orange’ because they were the same colour as the so called fruit, or were oranges named so for their colour?

3. Would you still eat grapes if they tasted of fish cakes, or strawberries? if they tasted of strawberries would they still be called grapes - therefore, is it the appearance or taste of the grape that defines it?

i forgot to bring my purse to work today, and my phone, and i slept in, and im tired/achey/bruised. i was meant to be going to the carpet shop and the pet shop after work, but i think it would be better for all that could potentially come in contact with me if i just gave in, went home, and slept. xx

Friday, 8 May 2009



happy doodle. Im glad its friday. Im going shoping after work - need to get a christening prezzie. The chappie has deserted me, again! hmph. He'll be back sunday tho, yey! Physio went well, he says im still improving which is good. I will be spending the evening with Crazy Horse and enjoying some vino. its been a long week.

muchos xxxx's

*waves and dances away* tra la laaaaa

Thursday, 7 May 2009


...erm, here....*lobs tutorial and runs away*

hehe. sneaky xx


erm yes, i did just post, but am going agian for fun...hehehehe

i felt the need to update you on the weekend cooking antics.

It started with some happy baking - i made some funky bread rolld - they were make with seedy flour (the flour had seedy things in it, it wasnt trying to malest me or anything...hmm). they turned out muchos better then my 1st bread experience, and tasted goooooood. slighyl smaller than i had expected, but that is beacuse i got carried away with dividing the dough and, well. im jsut a spaz ....mnmnf. look...

ooh nice babs, hehe.

The next endevour was a risotto on monday night - my mr man was busy working (on a bank holiday - i know, its an outrage) so i was left to my own divices, which mainly involved tidying, washing, sleeping, putting my clothes away in the wardrobe (that in itself was a major acheivement), and cooking.

I havent made risotto in a while, in fact, i think ive only ever made it once before. very tasty tho. consisted of happy things like leftover roast chicken, black olives, choritzo (cant spell..), salami, onions, 'roooms...yummers.

i also made a lush carbonara tuesday night - my lovely man showed me how a while ago using smokey bacon, double cream, and cheesy cheese. i added some extra bits as always and whipped up a fre portions. very tasty, i recommend you try it (and so very very easy).


bye again *waves*


Happy Tutorial of the Week...

hello hello, *dance, dance* tra la laaa.

the sun is out, did you notice?

i wanted to make a note of this tutorial, more for myself really as i tent to forget where i found things, and it all gets a bit messy and frustrating when i have to try and find them again.

anyhoo, please visit the tutorial *here*, ta daaaa.

Now, i dont know whether the author of this tutorial just has supreme superskills, or whether this technique is actuallly as easy as she makes it look. either way, i will be giving it a bash at some point in the near future. i recommend you to do the same.


oh, and as always, i had no part in making this tutorial, and am in no way claiming any of it to be my own work...i just like to share the pretty things i that wrong? i hope not....*dances away*


Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The Warmth.

hello world. im home *phew*

there are many many things worong with the world, and the hen do was no execption. On the whole I had a laugh, got pissed, ate, and sun bathed (although this was disrupted a lot by wind - the weather that is, not what you were thinking...) - i spent most of my time with my pretty Princess Moon Face, who i care for dearly.

Things were said, as expected, and im afraid i have lost all patience with people. Im not going to go into detail, but how many times should a person be punished for something that wasnt done, or brought on by themselves? If something happens TO a person without that persons consent, then they can not be blamed. but alas, here i am, this is the situation, and my patience has been tested. I have been nice, and polite, and now i just cant be arsed. its emotionally draining to be blamed for someone elses pain, and its not nice for anyone involved. i have now washed my hands of it all, and it will effect my life no further. if this should be brought up again (which im sure it will), you will see me walking away with my man and Moon Face in tow, for these are my real friends.

I have taken a few snap shots - the happy things, for your enjoyment.

The powerful stella without whome I could not have survived the grueling 5 days. I take my hat off to you, and appreciate that you were on buy on eget one free. there is a god. This particular pint was consumed around 6 in the morning at Leeds airport....start as you mean to go on.

Me and my beautiful Moon Face - you are one of the most caring people I have ever met, and Im honoured to be called your friend....even if this is often refered to by yourself as Lady Twat Bag...I will take it as a compliment.
A pizza. One of lifes simple pleasures, and one of my very most faveourite foods...yummers.

My princess outfit...although fun, it was like lambs to the slaughter walking down magaluff's bar strip wearing this. the stella helped.
and a final thought. whilst driving to work this morning, one of my faveourite songs came on. I thought it fitting, so I'd like to share.......
Incubus: Glass
If I had a dime for every time you walked away,
I could afford to not give a shit, and buy a drink and drown the day
But your pockets, they are empty, yeah, and mine are times two
So why not make an about face, and accept the love I send to you?
You're never gonna be content if you don't try, try to see outside your line.
There you go, you did it again! You act as if there's blinders on your eyes!
Should I apologize if what I say burns your ears and stains your eyes?!
Oh, did I crack your shell? When it falls away, you'll see we exist as well!
Like a bottle with the cork stuck, your true ingredients trapped up inside.
Through the cloudy glass we catch a glimpse of you, I guess the hard shell represents your pride.
Oh, if only it could be different we could uncover the you, you deny.
Between two, a small discrepancy,one complicates and one simplifies.
You're never gonna be content if you don't try, try to see outside your line.
There you go, you did it again! You act as if there's blinders on your eyes!
Should I apologize if what I say burns your ears and stains your eyes?!
Oh, did I crack your shell? When it falls away, you'll see we exist as well!
So if I had a dime for every time you walked away,you could bet your bottom dollar thatI'd be filthy rich by noon today!
Should I apologize if what I say burns your ears and stains your eyes?!Oh, did I crack your shell? When it falls away, you'll see we exist as well!

Monday, 27 April 2009

Smelly-ness, smelly-ness, the greatest gift, that I posess...


Im smelly today as I am not allowed to wear deodorant in preparation for my fake tan tonight (apparently it will go green), and it slightly warm in the office….eep. I also am getting my hair cut immediately after work, and don’t have any nice smelly spray with me, so the hair dresser is going to think im a right scrubber. Nice. At least me hair is clean.

The manic weekend was pretty much as manic as i expected, if not more so....

Friday night was sidemarked for some tidying up – went to the supermarket after work (got the lamb! Bingo!), and toddled off home. I knew the fella was at ‘Friday club’ and wanted picking up later. I didn’t realise that the lovely princess was also at Friday club, and they enticed me down there for a swift one. I didn’t mind having a cheeky pint, but was starving by this point (7:30 ish). By the time I got the chap to leave, get him home to collect things, and got him back to mine to start tea it was late. He had convinced himself that he was going to cook gammon on the BBQ, without any coals or other burnables. But the time I talked him out of that one, and managed to control him long enough to cook some tea it was gone 9, and I was beyond starving. Not the best when all I wanted to do was a spot of tiding up and have a RELAXING night….tsk.

Saturday was spent making a skirt, but was again marked for cleaning, (I finally started, and nearly finished, but other things got in the way, unfortunately) – to be honest, the most of my ‘sewing time’ was spent trying to get the bloody sewing machine to function – im not exactly experienced with sewing machines, and I was UBER kindly donated a Toyota one when a friend upgraded hers. Its brilliant, but took me a while to get up and running, and a lot of trial and error to work out the quirks before using my material. Anyway, I generated a (very simple) A-line skirt with elasticated waste, and a ruffled bottom. I have put in the basting stitches on the bottom piece, but still need to ruffle it and attach it. then I will post a photo, and possibly a ‘how I winged this one’ guide….

Sunday, ah lovely Sunday…my big plans for a roast were nearly foiled by Moon Face’s dislike for lamb…I obviously was not aware of this….(hmph), so they brought some pork round and I cooked both meats whilst manically cleaning the house from top to bottom (hurrah!!!). Bearing in mind that I have never cooked a roast before, and now had two meats to tackle, it was quite a challenge. The chap promised he would come help finish up, but sadly my guests arrived before he did, and guess what…he had been in the bloody pub again….*sigh* at least it kept him out of the way. Princess Moon Face tried to help, then cut her finger whilst slicing cabbage, so I barred her from the kitchen. I also made a crumble for afterwards. Everyone enjoyed it, and I was pleased (but exhausted).

After dinner we went to get out eyelashes and eyebrows tinted – after many years of having very thin, very fair eyebrows, I now look like I have some *celebratory cheer*. Amazing! I also packed my suitcase (everything apart from the daily things that I needed for this morning). I will pack the rest tonight, and get myself and the dog over to my mr’s for the night. We are getting picked up at 4:45 tomorrow morning, and I have to wash The Tan off 1st – not looking forward to that alarm call! Im more than slightly worried that I will look uber orange, but im sure it will be fine…I hope. We can but try.

So yeah, I guess this is goodbye until I return. Hopefully there will be no arguments/fights/deaths, and all will be well….we shall see.

Take care, over and out xx

Friday, 24 April 2009

Manic Weekend of Getting Ready-nees....eep


This weekend is going to be one of mental getting ready-ness for the Hen Do of Hell. its too much of a long story to go into on here, but its not somthing i am particularly looking forward to (if you didnt already guess). Im sure it will be ok when we get there, and everyone will enjoy themselves....ahem.

So, the plan for this weekend - i want to see if i can sew at least something - im aiming for a skirt and bag, but i think this is a little optimistic as ive not even practised yet. i didnt manage to take full advantage of the fella being away like i was intending to, so havent even got the sewing machine set up yet - im hoping to do that tonight. Im also hoping to get to the supermarket after work while the chap is at Friday Club (pub!).

I think i will aim to invite Lady Wilfred and her boyf over for tea - i fancy doing a slow roast lamb either saturday or sunday, depending on how tidy i get the house, and when they are working. we shall see how that develops.

I have my hair cut and spray tan booked for monday night - the barnet seriously needs a trim - im trying to grow it longer, but its getting all straggely as i havent had it chopped in about 6 months...oops. my hair dresser will be telling me off...again. I didnt want to be bearng my Daz white-ness whilst on holiday, and im really not the sun worshiping type (i like to be kind to my skin, and hope it repays the favour in later life), so im going fake all the way! ive been issued instruction to exfoliate and moisturise like mad till monday. my skin will be happy.

The chappy got back late tursday night, so i didnt see him till last night. sosovery pleased he is home. he bought us some tuip bulbs to share - proper Amsterdam tulips, so they will look fabulous next year. so very thoughtful.

today is long, but i have got the work that i needed to do done, which is good. ready for home now tho.


Thursday, 23 April 2009

Happy Tutorial of the Week...again!

you can never have too many really can you :) hehe.

Well, I aquired one fo those heat pad things from training last night where its full of seedy things, and you just shove it in the microwave and it smells nice, and then i stumbled accross this tutorial today, and thought i'd save it for a rainy day. i like the potential use of odd leftover bits of material to make them pretty, and the cooling face mask looks like it would be very relaxign and theraputic.

the tutorial is here (another fabulous Sew, Mama Sew! creation), i recommend you have a gander.

***polite note: I am in no way, shape or form claiming any aspect of this tutorial as my own...dances away***

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Happy Tutorial of the Week...


i came accross a fabulous tutorial for this gorgeous bag, and wanted to share it. it was poted on Sew, mama, Sew!'s blog - i highly recommend you visit this site as it is a treasure trove of goodies and ideas.

The tutorial is posted here!

***Polite note: I am in no way, shape, or form claiming any part of this tutorial to be my own***...just in case!


i did it i did it i did it...*celebratory dance*


i did it (if you didnt guess from the title) - i was awarded my yellow belt last night at training. i am sovery pleased! and they gave it to me infront of the yummy hunk that trains on a monday. hehe. OBVIOUSLY not worth a chap sacrifice, but soemthing nice to look at on a monday night is always pleasent.

Speaking of my man, he gets back late tomorrow night. sosovery excited. ive decided not to plant his new plant tonight, i will take it over on my way to training tomorrow. im going to plant my plants tonight tho - i have an azalia that i need to put in its special pot, a clem (pixie) that i need to pot up, and my beautiful new bamboo is going in a matching pot to my other beautiful bamboo! sounds like ive got a full evening planned. also need to do a bit of tidyign while i have chance, hmmmm.

yey *bounce, bounce*..

*skips away*....tra la laaaa....hehe xx

Monday, 20 April 2009

Keeping it ganster....

Ive been told im keeping it gangster today - fabulous!

This weekend was quite productive actually! I made it to the market and plucked up the courage to ask how much material was (i dont know why this skill escaped me, i think market folk just unnerve me with their forwardness). anyhoo, i found a nice lady that was very helpful, and i got some right jems! I wasnt expecting it to be as cheap as it was, but i found a pure cotton which was a deep rich chocolate brown for £2 a metre (just got 1 of that puppy), then some cute stuff that was a fudgy brown with teeny tiny flowers all over it - £1 a metre! so i got 2 of those. there was also some fabulous silky blue stuff that was in the offcut bin - just over a metre, so i got that for a quid n'all. job done. I also raided the habidashery (sp?) at the top and got some elastic, and some interfacing for 50p each. its just a shame that leeds is such a trek away! i will have to get better at getting the training from knottingley - im sure it will bea easier if i time it right!

I also raided H&M AGAIN! i know its bad, but i got a beautiful summer skirt - it was £20, BUT is very tasteful so i can wear it all summer as apposed to 'just for holiday' wear, which i resent. i got a couple more work tops - these were the same as i got last week, but in different colours! i wore them for work last week and they were so comfy, so i thought i might as well get a couple and revamp the old workwear wardrobe! i also got some daytime sandles and some vest tops, which are always useful!

on sunday, mumsie came round to help me move the old kitchen off my drive (ive had a new kitchen put in, i WILL get some photos eventually), and take it to the tip. we had it all planned out, and gained a pass for the tip round the corner. car filled, set off....closed - all the skips were full apparently. so then we went for a tour round vegas to places i never knew existed. finally found the next nearest (which was about 10 times further than the one just round the bloody corner), and off loaded load 1. went back for load 2 (managed to ket it all in 2 carloads - hurrah), got back to the far away tip....closed at 1. bastards. so then we went for another venture and found an open tip. all in all it took us about 3 and a half hours to do 2 car loads - this should have only taken us about an hour since the original tip was just round the corner. scandelous.

we then went to the huge cheap garden centre of goodness, and i bought lots of pretty things, including another bamboo! fabulous! i also got my beatiful boy a new cordyline to replace the one that has carked it in his front garden. i will plant it for him tomorrow, and it will be a nice surprise for him when he returns from the stag do. yey.

I made a carbonara for tea, and a crumble for afterwards (pear and mixed friut, with cinamen, and oat/wholemeal topping). the mistake of the crumble was not taking the skin of the pears off - so its not a pleasent as it should be. still tasty tho, and good for a 1st attempt. i will defo make another and experiment with different fruits!

I also mowed the grass in front of my house (and next doors - we share a lawn). i will plant my plants out this week soemtime - i didnt have the energy after i got home (apart from to mow the grass it seems...hmmm)

happy crumble...


They are dishing out the belts for people who graded at training tonight - i hope i get mine! fingers crossed please.

Thursday, 16 April 2009


just a quick note before i leave work...

Im off to the physio tonight - scary - it was good last time, but i know he's going to give me more exercises, which is good for me, and i really want to get better, and am very motivated to do them, but i know how hard the 1st lot he gave me are, and they are only going to get more challenging. i will persevere of course for I R strong and brave like a bear *gnarl*

ooh ooh, i forgot to say, my other new book arrived yesterday - its a book on making skirts (obviously to aid in carryig out The Plan) - though it would give me some useful ideas and pointers before i plunge into it. im really looking forward to giving it a go. just need to find some time.....

but, my beautiful boy is going away this weekend on a stag do. i will miss him so terribly like always, but i will hopfully get lots of bits done with minimal distraction. just me and pupster xx

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Pretty garden of goodness, tra, la, laaa....

Here are some photo's i took last night from my pretty pretty garden. Its the first time ive ever grown tulips, and im quite pleased with them so far.....

yummy yummy tulips...

some more pretty things that caught my eye...

and introducing...(drum roll please)...Mr Barry Manalow The Third, King of Rabbits. not quite sure how he got in here, little scamp! hehe xx

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Introducing..............The Happy Smiley Apple Tree of Apple-ey Tree-ey Goodness :)

The tree is in! HURRAH!!

I managed to rearrange the rockery...well, by rearrange, what i actually meant was demolish the whole bloody thing and rebuild the bastard from scratch....*sigh* not bitter. BUT i think it looks better than it did before (maybe), and the tree (twig) looks happy. I had to 'prune' it as per the interweb prior to planting, so most of its growth efforts were removed, sadly. Its doing well tho, there are lots of little leaves coming through. im looking forward to my first apples already. I hope it likes its new position with the other plants - i tried to keep it far away from the fence, and if it gets too close to its friends in front then i will jsut have to rehome them a bit further down.

my lovely tulips have also opened - i like tulips. I have some deep purple ones, and white with a purple pin stripe down the centre of the petal. beautiful. I was going to get you a photo yesterday, but forgot, and then the sun went away. I will get you one tonight.

I am pleased xxxxxx

ooh also, one of my new books arrived today..."One-piece Wearables". it has 25 ideas and patterns for making clothing (and bags) from a single pattern piece. I thought it would give me some good ideas and inspirational pointers for The Plan. I also raided H&M at the weekend, as proposed, and gained some pretty sun dresses. im paying close attention to clothes at the moment - im hoping i can use some of the clothing that i have as a template for making more. i think this is optomistic, but possibly acheivable if i put my mastermind to it, which i will. i just need more material.

i went to Leeds market when i was in town, and i have to say was a little dissappointed with the material that was on offer. this was not aided by me getting myself completely lost, and not having any clue where the material shops actually were, and by the time i made it to the market i had already raided H&M (...twice), and battled my way through primark...i think i need to take mum next time for moral support. I found a material shop just over the road from the market, but the only ones that i liked (small flowery prints - cotton mix i think) were over £5 a, is it just me, or does that seem expensive???! even if its not just me, its expensive when i dont really know what im doing, and could quite easily fuck it up on my first attempt. There are cheaper fabrics on e-bay, but im crap at knowing what all the different types are, and you just dont get the jist of the fabrics feel from a photo....*cries*

if anyone has any sugestions on where to purchase resonably priced nice fabric from, please send them my way.

muchos appreciated! xx

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

....but fixable :)


i went to the physio – there was lots of talk and hypothesising, but the general consensus was f*cked, but fixable. I am pleased. Apparently i have an all round instability due to my hypermobile joints. The instability in my knees has thrown my hips out, the instability in my hips has had an effect on my spine, and this has passed up to me shoulders. Mr Man said that when i want to reach for something, my body puts my arm there, but because it is so unstable, all the wrong muscle groups compensate for the manoeuvre, and i end up damaging myself. Nice. BUT apparently if i work on strengthening and shortening all my core trunk muscles, and then my joint muscles, that it could heal me the whole way up! Fabulous. Oh, and he said that my whole left side is worse, which fits as it is more painful, and weaker. i also kick better with my left leg as it is being supported by my slightly better right side. it amazed me how it all fits into place….or not as the case seems to be.

i am officially unstable….i always knew. xx

Monday, 6 April 2009

I R ninja....

graded on saturday....i think it went well, although i am struggling to walk today. UBER achey, adn sleepsy. im glad i did it tho, and i feel proud that i did it. we shall see. i dont think i messed up significantly, just the odd wrong footing. and one very wrong foot on my Dragon form, but i corrected it immediately, and then all was well.

*sigh* acehs, pains, and a sore throat.....i also have my physio appointment tonight...wish me luck. xx

Friday, 3 April 2009

lovely lovely fabric *celebratory dance*

Hello. Phase 1 of The Plan has begun....

I went into casvegas on my lunch hour to see whether the market had any pretty fabrics to didnt! i always thought that fabric shops were treasure troves of beautiful things...hmmm, maybe proper fabric shops, and clearly not the ones in vegas. tsk.

anyhoo, after searching the internet (without being too certain what i was actually searching for), i turned to ebay (lovely lovely ebay) and bingo! found 2 beautiful retro-esque fabrics for my skirt and bag. Im not sure which to use for which yet, i think possibly the brown for the skirt, and the blue for the bag...*ponders*....yey.

look look....pretty. just need to find some complimentary colours and lining to go with and ill be well on my way to starting! xxx

Thursday, 2 April 2009

The Hawk.

Love me i am special - see him dance xxx

The Plan...

ok, this might be a teensy bit optomistic, and way out of my league, but i feel that i have some things that i need to vent. so, im going to try sewing something. ive seen it done (kind of), and there are loads of tutorials out there (once youve sifted through the cack), and its doesnt look exceptionally impossible (just marginally), so im going to give it a bash. hurrah!
ive seen a fabulous tutorial for a pleated bag which just looks fabulous, and my kind of accessory as i love things like that. also i have seen a nice one for a pleated summer skirt, which i think im going to try. might as well give it a go...

...all excited now! xx

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

My beautiful boy

my beautiful boy - a photo i took at one of the gigs last year and 'ammended'.

would you like to know more....? xxx

Sock fun...

my little monky was amusing himself with socks whilst i was getting ready for work this morning...its the little things.


Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The Monster...

...that continues to destroy my lovely tidy house on a regular basis...hmm, cute tho.

These are some pics of us playing with the football last night, enjoy xxx