Wednesday, 8 April 2009

....but fixable :)


i went to the physio – there was lots of talk and hypothesising, but the general consensus was f*cked, but fixable. I am pleased. Apparently i have an all round instability due to my hypermobile joints. The instability in my knees has thrown my hips out, the instability in my hips has had an effect on my spine, and this has passed up to me shoulders. Mr Man said that when i want to reach for something, my body puts my arm there, but because it is so unstable, all the wrong muscle groups compensate for the manoeuvre, and i end up damaging myself. Nice. BUT apparently if i work on strengthening and shortening all my core trunk muscles, and then my joint muscles, that it could heal me the whole way up! Fabulous. Oh, and he said that my whole left side is worse, which fits as it is more painful, and weaker. i also kick better with my left leg as it is being supported by my slightly better right side. it amazed me how it all fits into place….or not as the case seems to be.

i am officially unstable….i always knew. xx

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