Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Introducing..............The Happy Smiley Apple Tree of Apple-ey Tree-ey Goodness :)

The tree is in! HURRAH!!

I managed to rearrange the rockery...well, by rearrange, what i actually meant was demolish the whole bloody thing and rebuild the bastard from scratch....*sigh*...im not bitter. BUT i think it looks better than it did before (maybe), and the tree (twig) looks happy. I had to 'prune' it as per the interweb prior to planting, so most of its growth efforts were removed, sadly. Its doing well tho, there are lots of little leaves coming through. im looking forward to my first apples already. I hope it likes its new position with the other plants - i tried to keep it far away from the fence, and if it gets too close to its friends in front then i will jsut have to rehome them a bit further down.

my lovely tulips have also opened - i like tulips. I have some deep purple ones, and white with a purple pin stripe down the centre of the petal. beautiful. I was going to get you a photo yesterday, but forgot, and then the sun went away. I will get you one tonight.

I am pleased xxxxxx

ooh also, one of my new books arrived today..."One-piece Wearables". it has 25 ideas and patterns for making clothing (and bags) from a single pattern piece. I thought it would give me some good ideas and inspirational pointers for The Plan. I also raided H&M at the weekend, as proposed, and gained some pretty sun dresses. im paying close attention to clothes at the moment - im hoping i can use some of the clothing that i have as a template for making more. i think this is optomistic, but possibly acheivable if i put my mastermind to it, which i will. i just need more material.

i went to Leeds market when i was in town, and i have to say was a little dissappointed with the material that was on offer. this was not aided by me getting myself completely lost, and not having any clue where the material shops actually were, and by the time i made it to the market i had already raided H&M (...twice), and battled my way through primark...i think i need to take mum next time for moral support. I found a material shop just over the road from the market, but the only ones that i liked (small flowery prints - cotton mix i think) were over £5 a metre.....now, is it just me, or does that seem expensive???! even if its not just me, its expensive when i dont really know what im doing, and could quite easily fuck it up on my first attempt. There are cheaper fabrics on e-bay, but im crap at knowing what all the different types are, and you just dont get the jist of the fabrics feel from a photo....*cries*

if anyone has any sugestions on where to purchase resonably priced nice fabric from, please send them my way.

muchos appreciated! xx

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