Friday, 3 April 2009

lovely lovely fabric *celebratory dance*

Hello. Phase 1 of The Plan has begun....

I went into casvegas on my lunch hour to see whether the market had any pretty fabrics to didnt! i always thought that fabric shops were treasure troves of beautiful things...hmmm, maybe proper fabric shops, and clearly not the ones in vegas. tsk.

anyhoo, after searching the internet (without being too certain what i was actually searching for), i turned to ebay (lovely lovely ebay) and bingo! found 2 beautiful retro-esque fabrics for my skirt and bag. Im not sure which to use for which yet, i think possibly the brown for the skirt, and the blue for the bag...*ponders*....yey.

look look....pretty. just need to find some complimentary colours and lining to go with and ill be well on my way to starting! xxx

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