Tuesday, 21 April 2009

i did it i did it i did it...*celebratory dance*


i did it (if you didnt guess from the title) - i was awarded my yellow belt last night at training. i am sovery pleased! and they gave it to me infront of the yummy hunk that trains on a monday. hehe. OBVIOUSLY not worth a chap sacrifice, but soemthing nice to look at on a monday night is always pleasent.

Speaking of my man, he gets back late tomorrow night. sosovery excited. ive decided not to plant his new plant tonight, i will take it over on my way to training tomorrow. im going to plant my plants tonight tho - i have an azalia that i need to put in its special pot, a clem (pixie) that i need to pot up, and my beautiful new bamboo is going in a matching pot to my other beautiful bamboo! sounds like ive got a full evening planned. also need to do a bit of tidyign while i have chance, hmmmm.

yey *bounce, bounce*..

*skips away*....tra la laaaa....hehe xx

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