Monday, 20 April 2009

Keeping it ganster....

Ive been told im keeping it gangster today - fabulous!

This weekend was quite productive actually! I made it to the market and plucked up the courage to ask how much material was (i dont know why this skill escaped me, i think market folk just unnerve me with their forwardness). anyhoo, i found a nice lady that was very helpful, and i got some right jems! I wasnt expecting it to be as cheap as it was, but i found a pure cotton which was a deep rich chocolate brown for £2 a metre (just got 1 of that puppy), then some cute stuff that was a fudgy brown with teeny tiny flowers all over it - £1 a metre! so i got 2 of those. there was also some fabulous silky blue stuff that was in the offcut bin - just over a metre, so i got that for a quid n'all. job done. I also raided the habidashery (sp?) at the top and got some elastic, and some interfacing for 50p each. its just a shame that leeds is such a trek away! i will have to get better at getting the training from knottingley - im sure it will bea easier if i time it right!

I also raided H&M AGAIN! i know its bad, but i got a beautiful summer skirt - it was £20, BUT is very tasteful so i can wear it all summer as apposed to 'just for holiday' wear, which i resent. i got a couple more work tops - these were the same as i got last week, but in different colours! i wore them for work last week and they were so comfy, so i thought i might as well get a couple and revamp the old workwear wardrobe! i also got some daytime sandles and some vest tops, which are always useful!

on sunday, mumsie came round to help me move the old kitchen off my drive (ive had a new kitchen put in, i WILL get some photos eventually), and take it to the tip. we had it all planned out, and gained a pass for the tip round the corner. car filled, set off....closed - all the skips were full apparently. so then we went for a tour round vegas to places i never knew existed. finally found the next nearest (which was about 10 times further than the one just round the bloody corner), and off loaded load 1. went back for load 2 (managed to ket it all in 2 carloads - hurrah), got back to the far away tip....closed at 1. bastards. so then we went for another venture and found an open tip. all in all it took us about 3 and a half hours to do 2 car loads - this should have only taken us about an hour since the original tip was just round the corner. scandelous.

we then went to the huge cheap garden centre of goodness, and i bought lots of pretty things, including another bamboo! fabulous! i also got my beatiful boy a new cordyline to replace the one that has carked it in his front garden. i will plant it for him tomorrow, and it will be a nice surprise for him when he returns from the stag do. yey.

I made a carbonara for tea, and a crumble for afterwards (pear and mixed friut, with cinamen, and oat/wholemeal topping). the mistake of the crumble was not taking the skin of the pears off - so its not a pleasent as it should be. still tasty tho, and good for a 1st attempt. i will defo make another and experiment with different fruits!

I also mowed the grass in front of my house (and next doors - we share a lawn). i will plant my plants out this week soemtime - i didnt have the energy after i got home (apart from to mow the grass it seems...hmmm)

happy crumble...


They are dishing out the belts for people who graded at training tonight - i hope i get mine! fingers crossed please.

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