Friday, 24 April 2009

Manic Weekend of Getting Ready-nees....eep


This weekend is going to be one of mental getting ready-ness for the Hen Do of Hell. its too much of a long story to go into on here, but its not somthing i am particularly looking forward to (if you didnt already guess). Im sure it will be ok when we get there, and everyone will enjoy themselves....ahem.

So, the plan for this weekend - i want to see if i can sew at least something - im aiming for a skirt and bag, but i think this is a little optimistic as ive not even practised yet. i didnt manage to take full advantage of the fella being away like i was intending to, so havent even got the sewing machine set up yet - im hoping to do that tonight. Im also hoping to get to the supermarket after work while the chap is at Friday Club (pub!).

I think i will aim to invite Lady Wilfred and her boyf over for tea - i fancy doing a slow roast lamb either saturday or sunday, depending on how tidy i get the house, and when they are working. we shall see how that develops.

I have my hair cut and spray tan booked for monday night - the barnet seriously needs a trim - im trying to grow it longer, but its getting all straggely as i havent had it chopped in about 6 months...oops. my hair dresser will be telling me off...again. I didnt want to be bearng my Daz white-ness whilst on holiday, and im really not the sun worshiping type (i like to be kind to my skin, and hope it repays the favour in later life), so im going fake all the way! ive been issued instruction to exfoliate and moisturise like mad till monday. my skin will be happy.

The chappy got back late tursday night, so i didnt see him till last night. sosovery pleased he is home. he bought us some tuip bulbs to share - proper Amsterdam tulips, so they will look fabulous next year. so very thoughtful.

today is long, but i have got the work that i needed to do done, which is good. ready for home now tho.


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