Thursday, 16 April 2009


just a quick note before i leave work...

Im off to the physio tonight - scary - it was good last time, but i know he's going to give me more exercises, which is good for me, and i really want to get better, and am very motivated to do them, but i know how hard the 1st lot he gave me are, and they are only going to get more challenging. i will persevere of course for I R strong and brave like a bear *gnarl*

ooh ooh, i forgot to say, my other new book arrived yesterday - its a book on making skirts (obviously to aid in carryig out The Plan) - though it would give me some useful ideas and pointers before i plunge into it. im really looking forward to giving it a go. just need to find some time.....

but, my beautiful boy is going away this weekend on a stag do. i will miss him so terribly like always, but i will hopfully get lots of bits done with minimal distraction. just me and pupster xx

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