Thursday, 7 May 2009

Happy Tutorial of the Week...

hello hello, *dance, dance* tra la laaa.

the sun is out, did you notice?

i wanted to make a note of this tutorial, more for myself really as i tent to forget where i found things, and it all gets a bit messy and frustrating when i have to try and find them again.

anyhoo, please visit the tutorial *here*, ta daaaa.

Now, i dont know whether the author of this tutorial just has supreme superskills, or whether this technique is actuallly as easy as she makes it look. either way, i will be giving it a bash at some point in the near future. i recommend you to do the same.


oh, and as always, i had no part in making this tutorial, and am in no way claiming any of it to be my own work...i just like to share the pretty things i that wrong? i hope not....*dances away*


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