Thursday, 7 May 2009


erm yes, i did just post, but am going agian for fun...hehehehe

i felt the need to update you on the weekend cooking antics.

It started with some happy baking - i made some funky bread rolld - they were make with seedy flour (the flour had seedy things in it, it wasnt trying to malest me or anything...hmm). they turned out muchos better then my 1st bread experience, and tasted goooooood. slighyl smaller than i had expected, but that is beacuse i got carried away with dividing the dough and, well. im jsut a spaz ....mnmnf. look...

ooh nice babs, hehe.

The next endevour was a risotto on monday night - my mr man was busy working (on a bank holiday - i know, its an outrage) so i was left to my own divices, which mainly involved tidying, washing, sleeping, putting my clothes away in the wardrobe (that in itself was a major acheivement), and cooking.

I havent made risotto in a while, in fact, i think ive only ever made it once before. very tasty tho. consisted of happy things like leftover roast chicken, black olives, choritzo (cant spell..), salami, onions, 'roooms...yummers.

i also made a lush carbonara tuesday night - my lovely man showed me how a while ago using smokey bacon, double cream, and cheesy cheese. i added some extra bits as always and whipped up a fre portions. very tasty, i recommend you try it (and so very very easy).


bye again *waves*


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