Thursday, 1 October 2009

brain farts...

Hello. Yes I wrote that yesterday, but posted it today – I got distracted with things and forgot. Mnmnf.

Have lots of energy today which is good. Went training last night, which absolutely killed me, but I enjoyed in the end. Achey pops today, and my back is very unhappy. Did more back exercises last night before I trained, and did some stretches. Good.

Walking the hound of death tonight with mumsie, then having tea cooked for my by my beautiful boy….im getting nervous again. the ‘writing at home’ seems to have stopped now, and moved itself into the studio on a daily basis. Plus a random man has been ‘jamming’ with them and recording stuff. I am pleased, and I really really want things to go massive, cos he deserves it, but there’s always that niggling in the back of my mind that knows he’s going away again. I am prepared for this, mostly, afterall we have a lifetime together. Its worth enduring some away time for….plus it will give me some time to tidy the house….yeah right!

La la laaaa

Im looking forward to decorating on Monday, although I didn’t get any further with the prep work last night due to training, and wont again tonight due to dogwalking/cleaning (need to have a whip round before V appears tomorrow)/tea at wonderful mr’s house. I think the majority of the prep work is going to get done on Sunday whilst daddykins is tiling. Off to grans on sat – she’s getting lonely.

Ok see ya bye

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