Friday, 3 April 2009

lovely lovely fabric *celebratory dance*

Hello. Phase 1 of The Plan has begun....

I went into casvegas on my lunch hour to see whether the market had any pretty fabrics to didnt! i always thought that fabric shops were treasure troves of beautiful things...hmmm, maybe proper fabric shops, and clearly not the ones in vegas. tsk.

anyhoo, after searching the internet (without being too certain what i was actually searching for), i turned to ebay (lovely lovely ebay) and bingo! found 2 beautiful retro-esque fabrics for my skirt and bag. Im not sure which to use for which yet, i think possibly the brown for the skirt, and the blue for the bag...*ponders*....yey.

look look....pretty. just need to find some complimentary colours and lining to go with and ill be well on my way to starting! xxx

Thursday, 2 April 2009

The Hawk.

Love me i am special - see him dance xxx

The Plan...

ok, this might be a teensy bit optomistic, and way out of my league, but i feel that i have some things that i need to vent. so, im going to try sewing something. ive seen it done (kind of), and there are loads of tutorials out there (once youve sifted through the cack), and its doesnt look exceptionally impossible (just marginally), so im going to give it a bash. hurrah!
ive seen a fabulous tutorial for a pleated bag which just looks fabulous, and my kind of accessory as i love things like that. also i have seen a nice one for a pleated summer skirt, which i think im going to try. might as well give it a go...

...all excited now! xx

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

My beautiful boy

my beautiful boy - a photo i took at one of the gigs last year and 'ammended'.

would you like to know more....? xxx

Sock fun...

my little monky was amusing himself with socks whilst i was getting ready for work this morning...its the little things.


Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The Monster...

...that continues to destroy my lovely tidy house on a regular basis...hmm, cute tho.

These are some pics of us playing with the football last night, enjoy xxx

Baking Photos...

Hello again,

As promised i have aquired some phtos of my achievements (or not really in the case of the bread...the less said the better)....

The bread looks nice and golden (think i overdid it on the eggy glazy stuff), and you can see where its mutated due to NOT BEING LEFT LONG ENOUGH TO PROOF. hmph.

On the upside, Ive also got some photos of the Totoro cake I made for the Special Princess. She loved it so much, i was so very pleased *beams*

ooh ooh, i also found a photo of the was a steep learning curve, and a bit wonky, but i think it has character. My boyf mum put it in the kitchen where it was a little warm, so it sagged a bit more. eep.


Monday, 30 March 2009

Hello world

Hello world.

I have been inspired by mildycrafty to share my world with whoever might be marginally interested.

The story thus far....

whist roaming the chlostraphobic isles of the supermarket i had a notion. i looked at all the little vegetables and foodstuff trapped in their individual little packaging prisons, which, although brighlty coloured, did not seem right. Im not saying that i dont approve of supermarkets, I think they are the easiest place for finding things that are not so easy to come by given the general lack of 'specialist' shops around now, like butchers, and greengroces, although i do appreciate that the supermarket is most certainly the reason why these jems of the community have deminished so rapidly over the years....anywhoo. i decied to myself that someone, somewhere must have grown/baked/compiled said foodstuffs, and if they can do it, why cant i?

so my mission began. my slightly ambisious mind, teemed with the cooking channels on sky (more specifically Rachel Allens Bake, and Ace of Cakes....I know. eep) i decided that baking was not so much of a challenge, and worth a dabble.

I did some sky plus-ing, and purchased myself a Be-Ro book (what a godsend - we have all the editions ever made in the family, i prefer the old cover tho, this ones a bit naff) an absolute treasure for the basic stuff, which, unless you were taught by your parents (i wasn't), you would never know, as i dont think its at all obvious! and off i went.

So far I have sucessfully acheived cocanut buns, which involved pastry. this was quite successful, and amazed me that soggy gue can turn into something to tasty.

after the sucess of the buns, and the onset of a friends birthday i made a marble cake. i saw Rachel Allen bake it on her programme, adn she made it look so simple. it was, and i glazed it with oodles of chocolate butter icing, and decorated ti with a pretty pink princess crown made out of those icing ball things that lull you into a false sence of security, right before they break your teeth. looked good tho - i have a photo, but not on me, so ill have to update you all later.

This was followed by the birthday of my lovely chap. by this time i had been watching Ace of Cakes, and was convined that icing things with rolly icing would be i made a VW campervan, as he is OBSESSED with them. again i ill show photos when i can.

The next mission was, i think, the most challenging, and the steepest learning curve. I made bread. well kind looked like bread, but i think i may have put a tad too much yeast in there. i also decided to work half from Rachell Allen, and half from a Deliah book i have borrowed, so there was soem conflict of interest, and i didnt leave it to rise long enough the second time. so it was a bit, erm, dense, and that could have had something to do with the yeasty taste also. so next time im sure it will be tonnes better.

the most recent thing i have baked, was another cake. again a marble one (as i realised when trying Be-Ro's recipe for victoria sponge that my cake tin is somewhat larger than 'normal' so there wasnt enough mix to make a deep enough cake - trial and error! the marble cake mix seems to be enough). i cut it in half and had chocolate butter icing int he centre, and coated the outside with it (it didnt register that this would make THE most sickley sweet cake in all the land, but hey..) then i surrouned the outside in bands of smarties forming a rainbow effect. i rolled some rolly icing out and cut a circle from it for the top, into whcih i scratched a design wtih a wooden skewer (it was a Totoro - my somewhat loony friend is obsessed by him, and has it splattered all over her cottage). i then used writing icing (watered down) and a pintbrush (cleaned!!) and coloured it in. i was so very impressed with how it turned out. MUST get a photo of that on here, its the best yet *beams*.

ttfn xx

ps. excuse typo's .....dances away...