Monday, 27 April 2009

Smelly-ness, smelly-ness, the greatest gift, that I posess...


Im smelly today as I am not allowed to wear deodorant in preparation for my fake tan tonight (apparently it will go green), and it slightly warm in the office….eep. I also am getting my hair cut immediately after work, and don’t have any nice smelly spray with me, so the hair dresser is going to think im a right scrubber. Nice. At least me hair is clean.

The manic weekend was pretty much as manic as i expected, if not more so....

Friday night was sidemarked for some tidying up – went to the supermarket after work (got the lamb! Bingo!), and toddled off home. I knew the fella was at ‘Friday club’ and wanted picking up later. I didn’t realise that the lovely princess was also at Friday club, and they enticed me down there for a swift one. I didn’t mind having a cheeky pint, but was starving by this point (7:30 ish). By the time I got the chap to leave, get him home to collect things, and got him back to mine to start tea it was late. He had convinced himself that he was going to cook gammon on the BBQ, without any coals or other burnables. But the time I talked him out of that one, and managed to control him long enough to cook some tea it was gone 9, and I was beyond starving. Not the best when all I wanted to do was a spot of tiding up and have a RELAXING night….tsk.

Saturday was spent making a skirt, but was again marked for cleaning, (I finally started, and nearly finished, but other things got in the way, unfortunately) – to be honest, the most of my ‘sewing time’ was spent trying to get the bloody sewing machine to function – im not exactly experienced with sewing machines, and I was UBER kindly donated a Toyota one when a friend upgraded hers. Its brilliant, but took me a while to get up and running, and a lot of trial and error to work out the quirks before using my material. Anyway, I generated a (very simple) A-line skirt with elasticated waste, and a ruffled bottom. I have put in the basting stitches on the bottom piece, but still need to ruffle it and attach it. then I will post a photo, and possibly a ‘how I winged this one’ guide….

Sunday, ah lovely Sunday…my big plans for a roast were nearly foiled by Moon Face’s dislike for lamb…I obviously was not aware of this….(hmph), so they brought some pork round and I cooked both meats whilst manically cleaning the house from top to bottom (hurrah!!!). Bearing in mind that I have never cooked a roast before, and now had two meats to tackle, it was quite a challenge. The chap promised he would come help finish up, but sadly my guests arrived before he did, and guess what…he had been in the bloody pub again….*sigh* at least it kept him out of the way. Princess Moon Face tried to help, then cut her finger whilst slicing cabbage, so I barred her from the kitchen. I also made a crumble for afterwards. Everyone enjoyed it, and I was pleased (but exhausted).

After dinner we went to get out eyelashes and eyebrows tinted – after many years of having very thin, very fair eyebrows, I now look like I have some *celebratory cheer*. Amazing! I also packed my suitcase (everything apart from the daily things that I needed for this morning). I will pack the rest tonight, and get myself and the dog over to my mr’s for the night. We are getting picked up at 4:45 tomorrow morning, and I have to wash The Tan off 1st – not looking forward to that alarm call! Im more than slightly worried that I will look uber orange, but im sure it will be fine…I hope. We can but try.

So yeah, I guess this is goodbye until I return. Hopefully there will be no arguments/fights/deaths, and all will be well….we shall see.

Take care, over and out xx