Friday, 15 May 2009

Happy Tutorial of the Week...


I saw this tutorial for a pretty cork board. i might make something like this for my kitchen. I always seem to have a stack of things to do, and shopping lists, and this could be a useful addition in some pretty fabric...hmmm *ponders to ones self*. anyway, heres the link.

how do people feel about fat quarter bundles?? they seems to be a treasure trove of beautiful coordinating fabric, but to my slightly confused brain, they also seem quite expensive. Is it just me being retarded, or are they really a good thing to try? opinions welcome.

im feeling a little 'meh' today, not sure what it is. i did, however, order my lino yesterday, which is very exciting. if anyone is intersted, its from the Domo range, and its called Barcelona - its a staggered rectangular tile effect in a fudgy brown colour. it will pull the kitchen and conservatory together nicely, i hope! it better so for the bloody money!! but theren no point falking out for a beautiful new kichen, and spoiling the look by getting a floor that im not particularly fussed for. the colour of this one will compliment the white units, as well as the proposed tile colour. it also looks beautiful with the dark wood of the conservatory. im looking forward to it being fitted - just need to get the skirting boards and door painted 1st so i dont drip on it!

i think i need a little R&R curled up with my man. ive missed him. xx

Thursday, 14 May 2009

For Charity


My slightly retarded friend is cycling a rediculously long way, and i have no logical idea as to why, other than raising some sheets for Oxfam. so, in light of this, i would like to make you all aware of his challenge, and the link to contribute to his efforts should you fancy helping out. it goes without saying that even the smallest contribution can make a massive difference to someones life, so if you can spare it, then do it.

thanks in advance xx

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Linky Pops.

dont be alarmed, im stashing links again for myself as my own retarded mind cannot keep up with my cratively inspired brain....*sigh*

fabulous blog concentrating on hand made aprons, which i do want to make - i like the vintages ones the bestest...*stashed!*


Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Questions presented to me today...

1. Are zebras white with black stripes or black with white stripes?

2. Which came first – oranges or the colour orange – were orange items named ‘orange’ because they were the same colour as the so called fruit, or were oranges named so for their colour?

3. Would you still eat grapes if they tasted of fish cakes, or strawberries? if they tasted of strawberries would they still be called grapes - therefore, is it the appearance or taste of the grape that defines it?

i forgot to bring my purse to work today, and my phone, and i slept in, and im tired/achey/bruised. i was meant to be going to the carpet shop and the pet shop after work, but i think it would be better for all that could potentially come in contact with me if i just gave in, went home, and slept. xx