Tuesday, 19 May 2009

apron-tastic...with ruffles!!

...stashy stashy.

Found a pretty apron tutorial, HERE....for future reference. xx

Ode to my beautiful boy.

Erm hello.

Did everyone have a good weekend? Mine was a little hectic, but mostly good.

My man was an absolute gem this weekend – no massive declarations or sweeping romantic gestures, but it’s the little things that I really appreciate.
To name a few:
1. he cooked me tea, let me watch Gok’s fashion fix, and then ran me a bubbly bath for when it finished on Friday night.
2. he took me to get some parts for Jeff (my wonderful car) first thing Saturday morning, then came to visit my grandparents with me (they’ve never met him before as they live a bit of a trek away).
3. he cooked tea again.
4. he dropped me off and picked me up from my friends house Saturday night/Sunday morning, despite me being rancid and hungover, and generally mutating, and dog sat all Saturday night despite having the lads over for a few bevvies
5. He also offered to go to the pet shop on Sunday so that I could get some extra sleep in light of the hangover (i didn’t take advantage of that, I went too – he still drove).
6. …another yummy tea.
And today, he is collecting the parts for Jeffery, and will be fixing them on for me.

As much as I have suffered for past relationships (as have most people), I think its those bad/hurtful experiences that make you much more aware, and appreciative when someone comes along that genuinely cares for you, and you see it everyday in everything they do.

So I guess I just wanted to say thanks babe – he will never read this, but I think he knows already xx