Thursday, 1 October 2009

brain farts...

Hello. Yes I wrote that yesterday, but posted it today – I got distracted with things and forgot. Mnmnf.

Have lots of energy today which is good. Went training last night, which absolutely killed me, but I enjoyed in the end. Achey pops today, and my back is very unhappy. Did more back exercises last night before I trained, and did some stretches. Good.

Walking the hound of death tonight with mumsie, then having tea cooked for my by my beautiful boy….im getting nervous again. the ‘writing at home’ seems to have stopped now, and moved itself into the studio on a daily basis. Plus a random man has been ‘jamming’ with them and recording stuff. I am pleased, and I really really want things to go massive, cos he deserves it, but there’s always that niggling in the back of my mind that knows he’s going away again. I am prepared for this, mostly, afterall we have a lifetime together. Its worth enduring some away time for….plus it will give me some time to tidy the house….yeah right!

La la laaaa

Im looking forward to decorating on Monday, although I didn’t get any further with the prep work last night due to training, and wont again tonight due to dogwalking/cleaning (need to have a whip round before V appears tomorrow)/tea at wonderful mr’s house. I think the majority of the prep work is going to get done on Sunday whilst daddykins is tiling. Off to grans on sat – she’s getting lonely.

Ok see ya bye

...miss me?

Its been a while, and shit has happened. Bad stuff, that I can’t deal with. So im not going to go into it.

In light of shitty things happening, I have slipped into a bit of a rut. Ive been discharged from the physio on the basis that I keep up with it, and manage it – given recent events, this has gone completely out of the window, and my back is crippling me. I did do some of my back exercises last night and it made me realise just how far behind this has set me. I will have to start over and build my strength up again. I am not looking forward to this as I know how much of a physical and emotional challenge it was the 1st time (plus my emotions are not what I would call controlled at the moment…). Frustrating.

Sewing has also taken a back seat. I spent months researching tutorials, and had an ever growing list of things I wanted to make and try. Although this has not materialised (hehe), the passion is still there, and the fabric I bought before the many crappy things began. So this is very salvageable, and will be waiting for me when I find a gap to spend some time on it.

The main thing I am clinging to at the moment is decorating my house. Ive booked next week of work to do this. Ive already bought oodles of paint (and have had it for months…), and am nearly ready to go. I just have to prep the walls, and, after pulling the silly rail of the walls some time ago, this will not be the easiest of jobs. But I am determined to do it, and do it well. Oh, and prime the masses of wood which seems to be EVERYWHERE throughout the house. I have one (and a half) coat(s) on the banister, which has been a complete twat, but getting there. I also now have the tiles ready to finish my beautiful kitchen, and my pops is coming to start it on Saturday. The colour looks fabulous, and matches perfectly. Ill have to show you some photos as things progress.

Im hoping one I have the decorating out of the way that it might blow a few cobwebs out, and make me feel a bit better. Then all I will have to concentrate on is cleaning the house, and it may even free a bit of time up for my sewing-capades…

Anyhoo. To help me more than anything, I need to make a list of things I have to do. Im also thinking of logging my exercises with you, then you can tell me off if I don’t do it…looking into the face of silence, and hearing nothing back. I am my own worst judge, and no one can bollock me like me. So lets keep it between us, and hope I pull through.

1. Prep the walls
2. Prime the wood
3. Paint the ceiling
4. Paint the walls
5. Gloss (this will half kill me, but I might also be high off the fumes, so might not notice)
6. Book a dentist appointment (ive been putting this off, not on purpose, but not actively doing anything about it, as if an appointment it just going to book itself)
7. Empty the draws in the living room (where all my ‘new’ paperwork lives, like letters from the bank etc. I say new, but I only empty it about one a year (if that), so it needs doing)
8. EXERCISE – this is probably on everyone’s list, but for me its not a case of looks, its mobility, and leading a semi-normal life. This should really be at the top of the list, as it will affect everything else, but these are being listed as they are being dragged from my brain.
9. Ooh book an appointment with my GO – completely forgot about this. My Physio told me to see my GP and get myself referred to a podiatrist. Says they might be able to help also.
10. I don’t really know what number 10 is, but I felt wrong to stop at 9.

Ive got better with cooking – instead of buying loads of sauces etc, ive been making my own. Exceptions: Chinese and curry. That will never happen. Ive been making chicken pies (well one pie, but aim to make another this week – more of a roll than a pie really, but should be nice), and cheese sauces – addicted to rouxs basically. They are so cheap and easy to make, and a pan full of pasta will save for work lunches too. Bonus.

Ive also been successful with some seeds. Ive started growing some lettuces and herbs. They are doing well, but don’t look like anything recognisable yet.

DAILY STUFF: (this is just for me…)29 Sep 09
Just ball exercises; 15 mins approx (I don’t know how many that is…)
Back is still very sore, and doing the exercises felt weird, but it think that’s because its been such a long time. Felt more positive this morning tho, and slightly more stable. Placebo? Possibly mentally made me feel better as I knew I had done something, but time will tell. Hurts now – don’t think my work chair is particularly supportive…

ok, bye x