Wednesday, 23 June 2010

sun sun sun *bounce*

Its hotter than the sun today and the office of death feels like its been relocated into satans back yard.

The retards are rife with lies and laziness today, but I feel surprisingly awake – all last week I was having a mega struggle with the heat and concentration, but I have taken to drinking lots of water, and sitting outside at lunchtimes to get away from my desk. Its made a vast improvement.

My wonderful chap is taking me to the coast on Friday – im very much looking forwards to spending a nice carefree day with him where we don’t have to consider anyone else, and we are not tied to schedules or plans. Im hoping there will be strolling, ice cream, hugging, and general paying out and having fun. I might even get to build a sandcastle!

I can tick one item off my list *beams* - I finally did the second coat of gloss on the side of the bath!! Hurrah, its only taken about a year! What a nightmare – al my own doing of course, but now im spending more time in my own house I can get these things done! It looks beautiful. I also did the door frame, and one side of the door. If we don’t train tonight I will continue and leave my chap to enjoy his boy night in alone, as it is ended up to be his only night off, and I don’t want to deny him of that.

Eep, everything is looking up today :)

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