Thursday, 10 May 2012

Reatrds in Action...

eeeeeeeeep. it arrived, it arrived *happy dance happy dance*

its here its here, tra la laaaaaa. I am now armed and dangerous with my new lovely camera *beams*

Thus far i have performed some experimentations around the house including violating the dogs personal space whilst he was attempting to snooze, violating the wonderful boyfriends personal space whilst He was trying to snooze (hehe) and realising how much dust was on my decorative dried flower head on the window ledge whilst playing with the macro function....hmm some dusting required me thinks! 

today we have been out to visit the pretty flowers in the garden (before the heavens opened, thank the ginger lord). I have taken many shots, which, when uploaded onto Brian (the laptop) were not actually in focus despite best efforts.  I have also discovered that, whilst I may 'think' that I have grasped manual focus, my skills in that area are severely lacking....or should I say, leave plenty of room for improvements :)  Beautiful Boy has said that he will take me and the Hell Hound out somewhere nice at the weekend to try my new toy in the open space. veryexcitedbunny.

in other news. my new 'I MUST TRAIN' regime has hit a hurdle.  Swimming with mumsie went well as usual on Tues, a bit achey on Weds but feeling good, then managed a Mega Muscle Pull on Weds night before our super garage workout.  Still trained hard, and ache like a MoFo today.....EVERYWHERE.  owww. definite improvement from last week though. cash back.

view my photostream for some first attempts and my adventure in the la laaa *dances*

enjoy xxxxxx

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