Monday, 2 July 2012

Banish The Wobble Monsters....


After some inspiration by the lovely Wag Doll I have begun my workout programme. It's not that I think that I should be losing weight; to be completely honest I have no idea what I actually weigh. I used to float somewhere between 9 and 10 stone, so I'm assuming it will still be somewhere around that mark. After all, muscle mass is heavier than fat so I don't think it's a particularly good indication of fitness. 

What I am adverse to are The Wobbley Bits

That's right, those lumps and bumps that appear in all unwanted clothing situations that are just waiting to leap out and knock your confidence just at the moment when you really don't need them to. 

The Wobbley Bits have a lot to answer for and I for one am sick of seeing them. So, I'm getting rid. Inspired by WD's amazing progress over the past two months I have some some measuring and some research, oh and today I have also done some exercise :) 

So, in the spirit of setting a baseline for myself, my measurements are thus *cringes*.... 
Chest boobs: 34". 
Waist: 28.5". 
Hips: 35". 
Left thigh: 21.75". 
Right thigh: 21.5". 
Bum: 37.5". 
Left arm (top): 11.5". 
Right arm (top) 11". 

Why there is a difference between my left and right side I have no idea, guess one just has more flab than the other. Must prefer cake. I am cutting out the carbs past 5pm... Needed to eat more veg anyway. And I am going to begin some HIIT training a few times a week. 

Tonight's workout was 3 minutes skipping to warm up followed by a bodyrock work out, 9 x 30 seconds with 10 seconds rest. This was meant to be done three times but I bailed after two. Apart from being shagged out and knackered afterwards I felt reasonably Ok, then once I had stopped for 5 the sweat just poured off me. Not sure whether that is normal, but I must have done something right. Tonights tea will be lasagne made with courgette slices in place of pasta. LUSH. 

Watch this space :) xxxx

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