Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Boooo ya!

Helloooo world!!

yes, its late..yes its been two weeks... 

i tried to remember the exact details, but its not going well.....

The last two Wednesdays have involved garage training with my lovely man - hard but good, but he's convinced that i will 'over do it' so restricts me to a 8-9minute work out - its hard, but im working on it being longer.

The last two Thursdays have involved some bodyrock workouts, but i cant remember which, and i also think one involved some yoga, which was good. will defo do that again....

The last two Fridays have been a write off - both horror film fest (exorcist last friday and white snow friday just gone), no alcahol in the absence of the one who's head is the size of the moon.

The last two Saturdays have not involved exercise either...sad panda - but im often too busy to fit it in - last saturday involved a trip to the shops (new phone, woop!) and dinner with gran; this Saturday involved a very messy hen do in Cambridge - given that my arms are STILL aching from literally carrying the hen home, im taking that as beneficial!!  oooh, we also did a belly dancing class, which i felt the next day, so some exercise after all :)

sundays are the day of rest, and in the case of this sunday, the day of hangovers and passing out on the sofa. hmmmm.

Last monday involved exercise, however this monday was more of an extension of sunday, so.....

the last two Tuesdays have been successful swim days, hurrah!! tonights ended in a pizza (thin crust) but i have been a) missing on out on the last three friday clubs, so the world technically owes me three, and b) craving it for the past 2 weeks, so i caved and it was GOOOOOD.  i will be back to normal tomorrow, promise.

The diet has been going very well - apart from date nights (wed and sat :) ), Ive been avioding carbs completely post 5pm (more like post dinner time) - instead ive been having roast veg with my meat, which is really tasty.  discovering lots of new things ive never tried before, and liking them!!

anyhoo, onwards and upward - time for a post pizza veg with the hound infront of the telly :)

ta taa xxxxx

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