Thursday, 10 May 2012

Reatrds in Action...

eeeeeeeeep. it arrived, it arrived *happy dance happy dance*

its here its here, tra la laaaaaa. I am now armed and dangerous with my new lovely camera *beams*

Thus far i have performed some experimentations around the house including violating the dogs personal space whilst he was attempting to snooze, violating the wonderful boyfriends personal space whilst He was trying to snooze (hehe) and realising how much dust was on my decorative dried flower head on the window ledge whilst playing with the macro function....hmm some dusting required me thinks! 

today we have been out to visit the pretty flowers in the garden (before the heavens opened, thank the ginger lord). I have taken many shots, which, when uploaded onto Brian (the laptop) were not actually in focus despite best efforts.  I have also discovered that, whilst I may 'think' that I have grasped manual focus, my skills in that area are severely lacking....or should I say, leave plenty of room for improvements :)  Beautiful Boy has said that he will take me and the Hell Hound out somewhere nice at the weekend to try my new toy in the open space. veryexcitedbunny.

in other news. my new 'I MUST TRAIN' regime has hit a hurdle.  Swimming with mumsie went well as usual on Tues, a bit achey on Weds but feeling good, then managed a Mega Muscle Pull on Weds night before our super garage workout.  Still trained hard, and ache like a MoFo today.....EVERYWHERE.  owww. definite improvement from last week though. cash back.

view my photostream for some first attempts and my adventure in the la laaa *dances*

enjoy xxxxxx

Monday, 7 May 2012

Up up and away...


DSLR ow-ficially on order (ooosh), and things are looking up for the House Sorting Saga of Death.  

Step 20 of FIVEMILLION was Daddykins fitting shelves in the spare room, or now Studio as it is officially know...hmm, not entirely sure how that came about.  This has been on his To Do list for some time now, but the end result was well worth the wait - thanking you Popsicle.  This now means that the items which were somehow superseded with 'studio' items somewhere along the line, can now return to their rightful home *beams* SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES, hehehehehehe.

The Next Step will be the conservatory. This will be the Epitome of Tranquility (official code name). Somewhere to relax, unwind, bask in the warmth of the day, and snuggle down with a good book....*sigh*

I've been reading up on camera tips. I cannot wait until it arrives. Then i will be let lose on the world, mwahahaa. The garden is just starting to burst with flowers so now will be the perfect time for practicing.  I've been looking back on some of the old images i have taken - makes me wish i had invested before now.  But, we now have the funding we did not have back in the day, so i suppose these things take time.  Thinking about it today did give an urge to grab the paint brush again! now that is a blast from the past. Once the house is a bit more sorted, i might actually have some time to pursue my hobbies. Already the housework is less of an issue that it was before - my not so little helper has made quite a difference there.

i was also thinking about my sewing too, or lack of. perhaps, once everything has a place, this will get to come out and play again.  ooh i do hope so. imagine all the wonderfulprettythings we could make, hehe.  #1 will have to be a peg bag since mine bit the dust this weekend....hmmm.

Thought for the day: onwards and upwards.  We work hard to build the home and lifestyle that we want, and when things all come together and slot into place the sense of achievement is overwhelming.  

We're getting there now.