Thursday, 4 April 2013

Basket of Joy


i told you i would be back and i didn't fib this time. Amazing.

I finished the little basket/bag thingy i was making for my niece - no pattern, so its worked out really well considering! Im pleased with it so im sure she will be too.

Here *photo lob*. Enjoy!

ta ta 


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Do you Instagram??

hello again,

Twice in one day, I know, Im spoiling you.

Here is the link to my Instragram (little camera, not the bunny...).  i love it, and I share often, so come join my little family.



The wonderful world of wonder...

Hello world,

Its been busy, but lets share.

Ive discovered some new things. Exciting things.  Self taught, with the help of the internet of course, and all those kind people that like to share their talents and 'know how', so Im rather chuffed.  Ive also recently opened the shop on etsy and Folksy, which has been interesting.  I've yet to make a sale, but im hopeful.  And if noting else, its given me some focus to my creativity rather that just being overwhelmed by what 'could' be done, im actually planning and making things with purpose.

Crochet has probably been my biggest achievement.  My favorite things to work with are textures, so am on a constant hunt for different wools and patters to try.  Here are a few of my achievements... *beams*  I LOVE the cushions.  If it were up to me my house would be overflowing with gorgeous cushions.  perhaps if i just slip a few in gradually, He wouldnt notice...hmmm.  

Ive recently bought some beautiful coloured wools, like the ones seen on my sunburst granny cushion. The yellows have a beautiful vintage tone and it really cheers my up just sitting there, waiting to be adopted.  The cup cosy was also interesting - the first thing ive created from wool that wasnt made from a pattern.  I just saw an idea and went with it! I Love the hearts - it reminds me of those cosy christmas jumpers you get.  good times.  Both are available in my shop, and keep your eyes peeled for more!

As well as discovering lovely crochet, Ive tried my hand at some rather successful linocut printing this weekend.  Im rather pleased at how it turned out to be honest - strike one up for me! I sketched the design over christmas in celebration of treating myself to some new art supplies.  At that point I wasnt sure what to do with the design, but i knew i liked it.  I treated myself to a wonderful linocut starter kit - it has everything you need to get started, so off i went!  Not 100% sure what to do with them next - they are too special to keep to myself, so i might pop them on the shop and share the love.  theres no stopping me now :)

Another conquest this weekend brought was a bracelet.  Ive made larger ropes than this, but im in love with the vibrant blue colour as well as the texture that this configuration brings.  It is weighty, but not heavy, and feels beautiful on the skin.  Im just awaiting a few charms from the t'interweb and i might bang this little badger on the shop too! not bad for a mornings work.

hmm, what next.  Next i think i will be working on some tags for the shop.  im going to visit a bead shop next time the opportunity arises and perhaps have a dabble in some earrings so will need something suitable to attach them to!  this shop thing is an adventure in its self.  I also need to increase my material stash - treated myself to a book at the weekend 'the great british sewing bee'. beautiful book with lovely clear tutorials and designs.  Actually has clothes in that you would want to make and actually wear! cant wait to try them out.  I also have a crochet elephant rattle and basket on the go for my Niece.

I think thats all for now - watch this space, its getting very exciting!  In the meantime, here is a design for another linocut - eye spy :And feel free to visit the shops. Ill keep you posted on new developments.  

Adios xxx