Sunday, 8 September 2013

cutting edge...

hello lovelies

after seeing this lovely little article about paper cutting in this months craft seller, i fancied giving it a whirl!

so, I started with a sketch. I had some lovely material knocking about that I am using for wedding bunting, and its got gorgeous big thistley flowers on it and little butterflies, so that was my inspiration. having never done papercutting before I was completely unaware of the best way to design or approach it, or even the best place to start... I just went for it! boom. wrightly or wrongly I started with the big flower at the bottom as a knew mostly what I wanted that to look like, and it went surprisingly well! the final design of the smaller flowers was completely random. I just went with whatever took my fancy when I got that far - probably not the best way to approach this, but it worked well in this instance. *phew*

once I got to the butterfly I realised the issue of not thinking the design through thoroughly beforehand! with the butterfly being completely seperate from the edge I would not be able to continue as intended. so, I mulled it over for 5 and decided to fancy up the wings a but so that they touched the edges. I also ammended the placement of the antenna from the original design so that thet touched other areas and were a bit more stable! the wing design was again a bit random which I just made up as I went along.

so, this is the finished design, ta dah! front view...

 and back view... im not sure which way round you are 'supposed' to display them. the cut looks sharper from the back, and it negates the worry of leaving the original pencil lines, so I may opt for that in future.

 so, rather sucessful day!

points for future reference...

plan the design a little better in advance - ensure that the design links up throughout and that enough of the design meets the edge to keep the cut stable.  the bottom part of the large flower at the bottom could have done with meeting the bottom more, but learning from this in the other rows meant that the flower built some stability.

if the reverse side of the cut is to be displayed, be mindful of writing! if not, I may look into better ways of transferring the design over so I don't have to try and rub them out from the cut piece - perhaps overlay with a design on tracing paper or something? 

its a learning curve, but very pleased with todays adventure ♡